Софіївська громада

Миколаївська область, Баштанський район

Sofiivka Territorial Community Bashtanka District Mykolaiv Region


Sofiivka Territorial Community

Bashtanka District

Mykolaiv Region

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The Inhul River


The Sofiivka community is located on the banks of the Inhul River in the Mykolaiv region. While preserving and multiplying the best achievements and traditions of the past, it is intensively developing and updating. An important task of the community is to improve its economic and cultural level, raise the quality of administrative and social services, and find reliable and forward-looking investors.


Unit 1: General Statistical Information about the Community


The total area is 423.7 km².

The population of the community is 5,290 people.

Women: 2,500.

Men: 2,790.

IDPs: 1,034.


The community includes 24 population centers and has its administrative center in the village of Sofiivka.


Coordinates on the map: 47.69032786110239, 32.364403386152745


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Independence Day of Ukraine in the community / source: community website


Unit 2: History


The first discovered settlements here are dated back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age (5th and 2nd millennia BC).

The more recent history of the community begins in the second half of the 18th century. According to folk legends, peninsulas were formed near the Inhul River, where people began to settle. The settlement on the right side of the river was named after the headman's daughters. This is how Olenivka and Sofiivka were created to be later merged.

Despite the revolutions since 1916 and the famine they caused, the local residents persevered.

Later, the St. Michael’s Church of the Pelahiivka Convent, a shrine and jewel of the district was built here.


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St. Michael’s Church of the Pelahiivka St. Michael the Archangel’s Convent/ source: Wikipedia


Two-year and three-year schools were opened in the estates of the burghers, where priests taught. By 1929, the life of the peasants began to improve. People had their own lands on which they grew products. But then collectivization began.

Sofiivka's cultural life was active: there were clubs that showed movies and orchestras of folk instruments performed.

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The Sofiivka Center of Culture

During the Second World War, from 1941 to 1944, the community was under the occupation of fascist invaders.

At that time, Sofiivka's agricultural sector specialized in pig farming. Animal husbandry of the meat and dairy sector was also developed, and grain crops were grown.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, regional and state-level enterprises were created and restored on the territory of the modern community. The main activity of the enterprises is the processing of grain and technical crops (sunflower). 

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Agricultural labor


The Pryinhulskyi regional landscape park is located in the community, which is a part of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine. Limestones, clays, and sands formed granites here, which sometimes rise to the surface along the river valleys. The age of these landscape formations is determined by geologists to be 1.8-2.2 billion years.

The Sofiivka reservoir, 418 hectares in size, is also located here. It has a dam that formed a waterfall - a magnet for tourists. Parallel to the Inhul River, a man-made spillway of the Sofiivka hydroelectric complex was created for rainwater and melted snow.

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Dam and rapids of the Sofiivka reservoir / source: web portal 


Unit 3: Economy and Welfare


More than 90 institutions, enterprises and organizations carry out their activities in the community.

One of the main representatives of the agricultural sector of the community is the Lux Oil farm. The company is engaged in the production of unrefined sunflower oil, sunflower meal, sunflower husk in granules and sunflower phosphatide concentrate.


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 Lux Oil / source: company website 


Rymchuk is a privately-owned enterprise representing the agricultural sector of the community. They are engaged not only in the cultivation of grain crops, but also have stables with thoroughbred horses, which are participants in races in many countries of the world. 

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Field planting by Rymchuk company (on the left) and the founder of the company at the awarding ceremony of the winner of the race (on the right) / source: youtube 


5 industrial enterprises are located and carry out their activities on the territory of the community. Among them is Mykytivskyi Hrankaryer Private JSC which is engaged in granite mining and crushed stone production.

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Mykytivskyi Hrankaryer Private JSC


A large number of individual entrepreneurs work in the community. They are mostly engaged in the cultivation of grain crops, leguminous crops and oilseeds, production of oil and animal fats, trade in grain, raw tobacco, seeds and animal feed.

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Local Enterprises 


The community engages not only in agriculture, processing of agricultural products, but also in the provision of social services. One of the institutions specializing in this sphere is the department of inpatient care for permanent or temporary residence of the Communal Institution Social Services Territorial Center (provision of social services), where lonely elderly people are permanently housed.

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Social Services Territorial Center (provision of social services)


Unit 4: Community and War


The full-scale invasion rallied the residents of the Sofiivka community. From the first days, all resources were directed to help the Ukrainian defenders: food, water, clothes, ammunition, generators. Residents weave camouflage nets and make trench candles. They also organize charity events, the proceeds of which are transferred to the military to meet their needs

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Swimming of the Invincible Charitable Event / source: community website


Since the beginning of the war, many men and women of the community have gone to defend Ukraine. For many, the Sofiivka community became a refuge. More than 1,000 refugees live here.

The war made adjustments in all spheres of life. Currently, the main efforts of the community are aimed at supporting the displaced and ensuring the safety and stable life of the community.

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Provision of humanitarian aid to displaced persons in the community


Unit 5: People of the Community


 The Sofiivka community is headed by Valeriy Rymchuk, a leader who has a sense of purpose knows exactly his goals and pursues his goals confidently and decisively.

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Head of the Community


Valeriy Rymchuk organized the effective wok of the management team. He is not just a mentor, but an example to follow for his colleagues and residents of the community. On the initiative and with the support of the head of the community, an Administrative Services Center was created, educational and cultural institutions are reconstructed, safe conditions are created for the education of students and the work of teachers during the period of martial law, cooperation with donors and the search for investors for the development of the Sofiivka community are carried out.

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As part of cooperation with Polish partners, a new school bus was received


With the support of Valeriy Rymchuk, cultural events and sports tournaments are organized here.

Thus, a traditional Greco-Roman wrestling tournament, Together to Victory, is held in the community in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Young athletes demonstrate all their skills and abilities, and most importantly, they get a lot of pleasure from wrestling.

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Community Head together with the winners of the Greco-Roman wrestling tournament / source: community website


The Village Head is an active member of the national football team of mayors and village heads of the Mykolaiv region and the national team of Ukrainian mayors.


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The collective football team of the mayors together with the head of the Sofiivka community 


As part of the implementation of the Laptop for Every Teacher project, teachers received laptops for the organization of distance learning and other forms of obtaining general secondary education using distance learning technologies.

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The head of the community hands over laptops within the scope of the project / source: community website


Unit 6: Development Strategy


The Sofiivka community is working on the creation of the Development Strategy for 2024-2027. In order to determine common goals and directions of development, a survey of residents and business representatives of the community was conducted and a working group was created to prepare the Strategy. The preparation of the Strategy became a tool for establishing a partnership between civil society organizations, business representatives, the village council, its executive committee and active public figures.

The community's future strategy is aimed at the development of ecology and energy efficiency, development and support of business, development of tourism, education, culture and infrastructure. 

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Children of the community at a patriotic holiday


Unit 7: List of Sources


Community website: https://sfotg.gov.ua/ 





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